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Does life feel out of control? Have you forgotten your dreams? Lost your passion? With our intensive outpatient programs and specialized therapeutic workshops, Crossroads can help!

Events at Crossroads!

Jan 13
Food:  Friend or Foe? 6-8 pm ($30)
Jan 16
Telling Your Story through Art (30)
Jan 21
Food:  Friend or Foe?  All day workshop 9am-3pm ($79)
Jan 27-30     
Four day intensive program (Call for details)

Feb 2           
Professional Training Series  9am-Noon (3 CEU’s):  Down the Rabbit Hole: Working Effectively with the Relational and Emotional World of the Eating Disordered, Self-harming, Trauma Client - John Levitt, PhD, LCSW, CEDS, FAED, F.iaedp  (Open only to professionals) Sponsored by NASW and Crossroads - free to NASW Members - Non members $45
Feb 7           
Healing Your Broken Heart - 6pm-8pm ($30)
Feb 21         
Using Humor for a Happier Life - 6pm-8pm ($30)

Mar 5-7        
3 Day intensive program (Call for details)
Mar 13         
Creating Healthy Relationships - 6pm-8pm ($30)
Mar 28         
Learning to Believe in Yourself - 6pm - 8pm ($30)


Hit the Reset Button!
A 4 week individual coaching program


Learn to be Happy 6 Week Life Coaching
Program starts soon!
More here!

Life After Divorce: A New Beginning
One Day Program! More Here!

Child No More: Finding the Adult You!
One Day Program

(For young women ages 17-21 years old! More Here!)

We have opened a new video on demand website that offers therapy lectures with therapeutic exercises and resource materials. These pre-recorded lectures address specific issues. Now you can have resources available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Check it out here!

Hormone and Neurotransmitter Testing Now Offered at our Four and Five Day Programs to Support the Therapeutic Process Read More

Learning to Love Yourself
A Compassionate Journey to Self-Acceptance
and Healing Pathways to Self-Fulfillment

Begin your journey of finding renewal, hope, joy, direction and passion!

Depression and Anxiety:
The Silent Struggle of Women Who Try to Do It All

Read it here

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Our intensive outpatient programs and therapeutic workshops are intensely focused, action oriented, short term groups facilitated by a credentialed, experienced therapist which help women with eating disorders, addictive disorders and behaviors, codependency, depression, relationship issues, grief, loss and other emotional issues.   They are designed to help you discover the "whys" behind your struggles and learn how to move beyond today with a new confidence to change your life. 

Life is complicated and women face many complex issues and difficult situations throughout their lives. Crossroads is dedicated to helping women who struggle with depression, codependency, eating disorders, weight loss surgury pre/post behavioral issues, addictive behaviors, relationship issues, grief and loss, and other situational stressors that interrupt and disrupt their lives. Crossroads provides programs by prominent clinicians, chosen for their clinical expertise in well defined treatment topics, offering focused and innovative care solutions. 

Each program is a blend of lectures, group therapy, and therapeutic exercises offering a healing curriculum. We explore the spiritual components of healing from a non denominational Christian perspective.

What our patients' say about Crossroads

Why continue to struggle? Tomorrow does not have to be like today. We can help you.
Crossroads program descriptions here.

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