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Does life feel out of control? Have you forgotten your dreams? Lost your passion? With our intensive outpatient programs and specialized therapeutic workshops, Crossroads can help!

Events at Crossroads!

LADIES NIGHT OUT: Wine and Wellness
May 5

Come enjoy a ladies night out at The Mansion on Walnut sponsored by Crossroads Programs. LIVING WELL...ITS A CHOICE! With the rise of autoimmune diseases and cancer, and knowing prevention is the key, we must be more responsible with our health. Making better choices for you and your family puts you in control. Hear how toxins in our home and environment are effecting our health and what we can do aboutit. TOXIN FREE: HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS, NUTRITIONAL AND WEIGHT LOSS, BATH and BODY, SKINCARE, COSMETICS, PURE ESSENTIAL OILS, PET CARE, and more. WINE & LITE SNACKS provided. Free samples throughout the evening and a drawing for a doorprize. 6:30 - 8:30 ($5)
Register Here


Living a Happier Life Spring/Summer Series

Pre-registration is required. Pre-register for 3 and get a 4th workshop free! We will contact you to choose your 4th workshop after we receive your 3 pre-registrations which means you get 8 hrs of therapeutic programming for $90. Register today! Registration link follows each description!


Yoga + Nutrition = Happy Life
May 6

This will be a workshop on finding your inner strength, learning to believe in yourself, and having the confidence to overcome life’s obstacles and strive for your personal goals.
6-8 pm ($30) Register Here


You Cannot Serve From an Empty Well
May 8

This will be a workshop on finding your inner strength, learning to believe in yourself, and having the confidence to overcome life’s obstacles and strive for your personal goals.
6-8 pm ($30) Register Here


Communicating with the Generations: Talking with Your Grandkids
May 12

Snapchat, Twitter, FaceTime, Oh My! This workshop will explain the programs and lingo the younger generation these days use so that you can communicate and stay up to date on your grandchildren’s lives. This class will help you be the “Cool” adult in their life. ($30) Register Here


Overcoming the Challenges of Living with Chronic Illness
May 18

Having chronic health problems can interfere with quality of life. This workshop will provide education on ways to manage depression, anxiety, and disappointment that are caused the limitations of living with a chronic illness.1-3 pm ($30) Register Here


Life Lessons from Dr Seuss
May 18

He made us laugh and taught us some of our first life lessons as a child. This class is about how to apply 5 wisdoms of Dr. Suess into life as an adult. Not all of life’s problems need a medical doctor! 5-7 pm ($30)
Register Here


The Power of a Positive Attitude
May 21

There is truth to the phrase “If you build it they will come”. This workshop shares how our thoughts contribute to our feelings and choices, and how to focus on using positivity to motivate and keep our perspective on the things we want in life. 7-9 pm ($30) Register Here


Humor and Healing: Don't Stop Having Fun
May 24

We have all heard laughter is good medicine, but when life gets busy, we forget that fact. This workshop will focus on the scientific evidence of the benefits of laughter for the mind and body, as well as suggestions for how you can find ways to implement humor and fun into your life no matter how old or how busy you are. 6-8 pm ($30) Register Here


Single Again: Now What Do I Do?
June 7

How to re-invent and move forward as an adult over 50. For many reasons, it is not uncommon these days to find yourself single again late in life. When this happens, it is both shocking and bewildering. Life as you knew it is not the same, and it is hard to know where to start. This workshop will focus on normal emotions associated with change that comes from divorce, being a widow, or the ending of a long term relationship, and provide you with ideas for how to re-define and more forward in this new phase of life. 2-4pm ($30) Register Here


The Art of Abundant Living
June 14

Ever wonder how to increase joy and prosperity in your life? Than this is the workshop for you. The Art of Abundant Living will explore the "practice of gratitude" as a means for manifesting the life of your dreams. 6-8 pm ($30)
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Special Summer Series for Teen Girls

Mean Girls, Moodiness and Navigating Life as a Teenage Girl
July 26 - 1 pm-3 pm (4 week series)

Navigating Life as a Teenage Girl designed for the 12-14 yo. This workshop is a 4 week series focused on helping young ladies prepare for the challenges of life as they transition through the pre-teen years. We will address several issues likely to be faced in 7th, 8th, 9th grades of school, including bullying, self-confidence, and relationships.
1-3pm ($249 for the series)
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Hit the Reset Button!
A 4 week individual coaching program


Learn to be Happy 6 Week Life Coaching
Program starts soon!
More here!

Life After Divorce: A New Beginning
One Day Program! More Here!

Child No More: Finding the Adult You!
One Day Program

(For young women ages 17-21 years old! More Here!)

We have opened a new video on demand website that offers therapy lectures with therapeutic exercises and resource materials. These pre-recorded lectures address specific issues. Now you can have resources available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Check it out here!

Hormone and Neurotransmitter Testing Now Offered at our Four and Five Day Programs to Support the Therapeutic Process Read More

Learning to Love Yourself
A Compassionate Journey to Self-Acceptance
and Healing Pathways to Self-Fulfillment

Begin your journey of finding renewal, hope, joy, direction and passion!

Depression and Anxiety:
The Silent Struggle of Women Who Try to Do It All

Read it here

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Our intensive outpatient programs and therapeutic workshops are intensely focused, action oriented, short term groups facilitated by a credentialed, experienced therapist which help women with eating disorders, addictive disorders and behaviors, codependency, depression, relationship issues, grief, loss and other emotional issues.   They are designed to help you discover the "whys" behind your struggles and learn how to move beyond today with a new confidence to change your life. 

Life is complicated and women face many complex issues and difficult situations throughout their lives. Crossroads is dedicated to helping women who struggle with depression, codependency, eating disorders, weight loss surgury pre/post behavioral issues, addictive behaviors, relationship issues, grief and loss, and other situational stressors that interrupt and disrupt their lives. Crossroads provides programs by prominent clinicians, chosen for their clinical expertise in well defined treatment topics, offering focused and innovative care solutions. 

Each program is a blend of lectures, group therapy, and therapeutic exercises offering a healing curriculum. We explore the spiritual components of healing from a non denominational Christian perspective.

What our patients' say about Crossroads

Why continue to struggle? Tomorrow does not have to be like today. We can help you.
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