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Partners in Recovery:
Client, Therapist and Life Coach

Learning to Love Yourself
A Compassionate Journey to Self-Acceptance
and Healing Pathways to Self-Fulfillment

A Personal Growth Coaching Program


"The program has been amazing. We accomplished more in these few days of intensive group therapy than I have accomplished in regular therapy in at least six months. I feel much different than I did when I walked in the first morning. This program really helped." A -2013

What our patients' say about Crossroads

"Psychodrama is an amazing tool for self discovery. This program is more valuable than a year of counseling. I feel I have had an amazing break through."

"This has been amazing for me. The psychodrama therapy is something that I have never experienced before. Mary Bellofatto is an amazing therapist. It has been a life changing experience! I have had lots of counseling in the past but this program was awesome."

Why continue to struggle? Tomorrow does not have to be like today. We can help you.

"Amazing!! This has been an incredible experience!"

"This program has helped me understand my role in the problems in my relationships and what changes I need to make. I am so hopeful for the future!"

"I have been through several treatment programs, but here at Crossroads it all began to make sense. This has been a great boost to my recovery."



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