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Partners in Recovery: 
Client, Therapist and Life Coach

As individuals journey through situations and struggle with the accompanying emotions, a therapist helps them make discoveries on how the past influences their dysfunctional thinking and decisions today and helps the client begins to overcome faulty thinking and behaviors.  They work together on the past and the present.  They don’t do this work in a vacuum and after leaving a weekly session clients return to their day to day life which may present the very real consequences of some of their dysfunctional choices and decisions which can complicate recovery.
When individuals work with a life coach they start with the present and work toward the future.  The coach works with the individual on identifying areas and relationships in life that are damaged or not where the individual would like them to be.  Together they identify the priorities and set realistic goals for improvement.  The insight for setting goals comes from the work the individual is doing with the therapist.
The understanding gained from therapy combined with the realistic goal setting and accountability in the coaching process is a powerful combination of healing, accepting responsibility for one’s actions, and achieving measurable goals that are strong encouragers in a patient’s journey. 
Clients work with the therapist individually and the coach individually for a minimum of six sessions.  (We also offer a 12 week program).  The sessions are separate and individualized.  An individualized program is designed to meet the client’s needs.  The therapist and the life coach review their sessions with the client.  Together they collaborate to help the client move more quickly towards a healthy lifestyle. 
Some of the issues that respond well to this approach:  depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting issues, anger management, workplace issues, family court issues, and much more! 
The main advantage…. is that it allows the patient to begin living a recovery journey while still actively involved in the therapy process with its emotional support.  Life does not stop when we are trying to get an understanding of why we do some of the dysfunctional things we do.  Actually some situations worsen as a client is working on that process.  But if a client works on the therapeutic process while being involved in an active recovery process in life coaching, the treatment experience is integrated and meaningful from the first session of dual treatment.

Six and twelve week programs available. Each program is individualized to meet the client's needs. Call for information 800-348-0937!


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4 Day Intensive Outpatient Program

A Personal Growth Coaching Program

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